Dec 16, 2020

We have stopped supporting Access Token for all stacks created post this release, i.e., December 16, 2020. For stacks created after this release, the Access Token will no longer be generated. Instead, you need to use the value of the environment-specific Delivery Token against the ‘access_token’ key to make authorized Content Delivery API (CDA) or CDN requests. Subsequently, you can use Management Tokens to make Content Management API (CMA) requests.

For stacks created before December 16, 2020, we will continue to support Access Tokens. However, we strongly recommend switching to Delivery Tokens and Management Tokens for the respective API requests mentioned above.

Read our FAQs on Access Token Removal to know more.

Note: Though we have stopped supporting Access Tokens, we haven’t removed the usage of the ‘access_token’ key for Content Delivery API requests. To make authorized Content Delivery API requests, you need to now pass the value of the delivery token against the access_token key.

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