About Java Marketplace SDK

Contentstack provides a Java Marketplace SDK (that uses Content Marketplace APIs) that developers can use to manage the content of your Contentstack account.

It houses third-party integrations, UI extensions (such as dashboard, sidebar, custom field, and RTE plugins), and other tools that you can plug into Contentstack at the stack as well as organizational level.

Key Features

  • Operation on Apps: Using the Java Marketplace SDK, you have the capability to execute various operations on Marketplace apps, including Installation, Authorization, Configuration, and more.
  • Operation App Request: A user who does not have access to install apps from the Marketplace can request the stack or organization admin to get the app installed. Only organization admins can accept or reject the request raised by the user.
  • Operation on authorization: When authorizing a Contentstack app, the app requests access to perform specific operations on behalf of the user. After the user authenticates and grants access, the app receives an access token. This token is then used as a credential when making calls to the Contentstack APIs.
  • Operation on installation: Starter Apps can be installed via the Marketplace. Additionally you can Install Starter via Stack Creation Experience as well.

To integrate your Java app with Contentstack Java Management SDK, follow the steps mentioned in the Get Started with Java Marketplace SDK document

Quickstart with Java Marketplace SDK

Here is an example of how you can start working with the Java Marketplace SDK

Initializing the SDK

To initialize the SDK and import its library in your system, execute the following command:

import com.contentstack.sdk.marketplace;
Marketplace mk = Contentstack.Marketplace("Organization_Uid");

Initialize the Marketplace class

Next, you need to initialize the marketplace class within your organization. For this, you need to pass your organization UID as parameter in the below command:

// Replace 'YOUR_ORG_ID' with your Contentstack organization UID
String organizationUid = "YOUR_ORG_ID";
Marketplace marketplace = new Marketplace(organizationUid);

Execute the Query

Once you have initialized the marketplace class within your organization, you can execute any query.

For example, to retrieve an instance of the App class, execute the following command:

// Get an instance of the App class
App app = marketplace.app();
// Alternatively, you can pass the app UID to retrieve a specific app
String appUid = "APP_UID";
App specificApp = marketplace.app(appUid);

More Resources

Java Marketplace SDK GitHub Repository

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