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Contentstack Launch

Front-end hosting
made simple

Fully integrated, fully automated, MACH-compliant front-end hosting.


Fully automated functionality out–of–the–box from back end to front end

Simplified end-to-end through clicks, not code.


Push your code live in minutes with just a few clicks.



Automatically redeploy and refresh caches globally.



Go big with pre-built component libraries and workflows.

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Fast track your code, fast track your experiences, with the fastest stack front to back

See it in action

Introducing Contentstack Launch

See the difference Launch makes

Completely integrated

Eliminate organizational friction and development silos, seamlessly connect to Contentstack Marketplace apps and reduce technical debt with pre-built component libraries and workflows.

  • Host your website or web app directly from Contentstack, leveraging our high-speed CDN and proven infrastructure.
  • Link your Contentstack Stacks and front-end environments without copying and pasting API keys.
  • Leverage the only front-end site hosting solution that’s built explicitly for the Contentstack CMS.

Fully automated

Create staging and production environments on Contentstack’s lightning-fast content delivery network (CDN) with just a few clicks and automatically trigger rebuilds.

  • Trigger deployments to different environments based on your workflows.
  • Send Slack messages to your team, schedule regular rebuilds and reduce DevOps workload for routine tasks.
  • Set up deployment webhooks so you stay focused on writing great software.

Framework agnostic

Build projects in virtually any common Javascript front-end framework, easily connect to and deploy code directly from a git repository.

  • Automatic configuration for Nextjs and Gatsby, with more frameworks on the way
  • Use virtually any composable Javascript front-end framework with custom build commands.
  • Upload static site files via Zip for instant deployment for projects that don’t use git.
  • Support for Edge functions and more coming soon!