About Entries

An entry is an actual piece of content that you want to publish. You can create entries only for content types that have already been created.

Note: When working with specific branches, entries created or updated will be specific to that particular branch. Refer to our Branch-specific Modules document for more information.

Before you start working with entries, it is important that you ensure the required content types are in place. Thus, we recommend you to follow the Create a Content Type guide and add fields to it. After setting up your Content Type, you can start creating entries. You can access the entries section by using the shortcut key “E”(for both Windows OS and Mac OS users).

Furthermore, you can create multiple entries in your content type by clicking on the + New Entry button. 

Note: While creating a new content type, choose the Multiple option. This will allow you to add multiples entries to your content type.

Additional Resource: As your content might include other media files such as images, videos, pdf, and more, Contentstack allows you to store these files as an Asset in your stack.

To know more about Entries, please go through our guides mentioned in the “More articles” section.

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