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How to select your composable platform

Before going out to buy, you need to know what to buy and how it will help you. Some organizations are looking to (re)build their entire tech landscape from scratch, so they will be looking for many types of software. For others, the change happens gradually and legacy systems get replaced piece by piece with new, better composable alternatives. Knowing what types of software exist in the m

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Decoding the art of integrating microservices in composable DXP

A composable DXP is a set of tools that enable digital marketers to create, manage, and deliver digital experiences over time across multiple channels. These tools are connected by secure APIs. A microservices architecture is a development method where an application is broken down into a small collection of separate, autonomous services that interact via APIs. Composable DXPs benefit from m


The future of microservices: Software trends in 2024

Microservices breaks down an application into smaller, autonomous services, each responsible for specific business functions. By design, the services interact via APIs. It speeds up the software development process by focusing on smaller, modular units that may be easier to manage. Before microservices, most enterprises relied on monolithic architectures, and many still do—but they are not fl

What’s new: The latest on platform enhancements, roadmap and FAQs

Product updates

Enhancing digital experiences with the power of personalization

Personalization is tailoring digital experiences and content to individual preferences and needs. It involves analyzing user behavior, preferences, and interests and using that information to provide customized content and interactions. Personalization can take many forms, from personalized product recommendations and emails to bespoke website experiences. Possibilities of personalization Incr

Product updates

End-of-Year 2023 Platform Recap: Contentstack’s latest innovations and what’s ahead

Streamlined Data Structure with Advanced Taxonomy With Advanced Taxonomy, managing complex data structures is no longer daunting. Particularly beneficial for large enterprises, this tool redefines how content is categorized and retrieved, making data management more intuitive and efficient. It's ideal for sectors like e-commerce and media, where organizing a vast array of products or articles

Product updates

Latest platform releases: UI updates, enhanced search, expanded Live Preview service, and more

Navigation & layout improvements Data tables for list pages The list pages of all modules now feature newer and more flexible tables, allowing you to adjust and customize your table view to your liking and more easily navigate through data to find exactly what you need. Easy column management: The ability to move, resize, reorder, freeze/unfreeze, and add/remove columns as needed in th

Product updates

Keys to unlocking global potential with localized digital experiences

In today's interconnected world, businesses are no longer confined to their local markets or within the borders of their home countries. The way brands interact with global audiences has gone through another makeover, all thanks to the digital revolution. With the proliferation of highly personalized digital experiences and globalization, companies increasingly have the opportunity to expand the

All about headless

All about headless

Headless API: Your key to seamless content delivery

A headless API or application programming interface helps developers interact with an application’s back-end services without any predefined user interface. Developers prefer a headless API because it promotes flexibility and innovations by decoupling the front and back-end components. The API offers the necessary raw data and functionality, helping developers to use any front-end tool or plat

All about headless

Headless CMS: Intranet reimagined

A headless CMS is a CMS that separates the back-end content hub from the front-end presentation layer. It is back-end-only and API-first, enabling content delivery across multiple devices. A headless CMS is also flexible and adaptable. It is suitable for managing voice content and works with IoT devices, social media , websites, mobile apps, Etc. Headless CMS and intranet/internationa

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