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Contentstack is an API-first CMS platform. This essentially means that it provides REST APIs for anything you wish to do with your content. For easy access, our APIs are split into two sets: Content Management API and Content Delivery API.

Content delivery API

The Content Delivery API (CDA) lets you retrieve content from your Contentstack account and deliver it to your web or mobile properties.

Content management API

The Content Management API (CMA) lets you manage the content of your Contentstack account.

Image delivery API

Image Delivery APIs retrieve, manipulate and/or convert the retrieved image file, and deliver it to your web or mobile properties.

GraphQL Content Delivery API

GraphQL Content Delivery API lets you fetch customized responses, or retrieve data of nested or multiple resources through a single API request.


SCIM API lets you provision, deprovision, and perform other operations on users via an IdP client.

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