Contentstack in the News

Dec 11

From Startup to Scaleup: What IT Needs to Know

Solutions Review

CTO, Nishant Patel outlines essential tips for IT teams throughout the startup, scaleup and other potential phases their businesses might experience. 

Nov 8

2023 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Winners


Contentstack ranked 268 on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500™, a ranking of the fastest-growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences, fintech, and energy tech companies in North America.

Nov 7

Democratisation of AI: The Rise of No-Code AI Platforms

Technology Magazine

Contentstack VP of Product, Conor Egan highlights how the AI boom is making it more accessible to non-technical users and the possibilities it brings to the market.

Oct 30

Contentstack supports growth in hearing care

Enterprise Times

Contentstack is bringing composable technology to the audiological solutions world.

Oct 27

Contentstack Powers Growth in Hearing Care with Sonova

CMS Critic

Contentstack's composable DXP will bring headless CMS capabilities to the audiological solutions provider's digital and omnichannel strategies.

Oct 12

Digital Customer Experience Software: What's Next for the Shifting Landscape?


This article speaks on innovations in generative AI and highlights the recent integration of Amazon bedrock into Contentstack Automation Hub and AI Assistant.

Oct 9

Contentstack Integrates with Amazon Bedrock AI to Power the Future of Digital Experiences

CMS Critic

CMS Critic breaks down our new announcement of the industry's first integration with Amazon's new AI, offering customers flexibility, higher productivity and robust security.

Oct 6

Top MarTech News From the Week of October 6th: Updates from Zendesk, LinkedIn, SugarCRM, and More

Solutions Review

Solution Reviews includes Contentstack's latest integration in its weekly round-up and discusses how Contentstack users can utilize Amazon’s latest AI capabilities better.

Oct 3

Contentstack Announces Industry-First Amazon Bedrock Integration to Pioneer the Future of Digital Experiences

AI Tech 365

Get to know our latest integration and the various benefits it creates for businesses.  

Oct 3

Contentstack Integrates with Amazon Bedrock

Destination CRM

Read about the integration of Amazon Bedrock into Contentstack’s Automation Hub and AI Assistant and how users can benefit from it.

Sep 30

Hidden gems from tier 1 and 2 colleges steal spotlight in Contentstack Techsurf 2023

Business Standard

Contentstack recently concluded Techsurf 2023, the brand's annual Pan India college coding hackathon. This was the 4th edition of the prestigious event, a two-month-long coding saga aimed at identifying and celebrating the budding technological talent in India.

Sep 12

Meet Neha Sampat of Contentstack


In this interview, Neha shares the history of Contentstack, how it grew to our current offerings and how she expects to see the DXP industry evolve over the next few years.

Sep 11

The Untold Story of Account-based Experience: Susan Beermann's Insights

The CMO Network Podcast

Hear how the rapid evolution of AI will impact content creation, the importance of being on the same team as your CRO and implementing an integrated account-based experience approach. 

Sep 11

Complexity challenges of pandemic hangover could lead to SaaS hysteria

VP of Product, Conor Egan is one of five experts asked about overcoming challenges in the SaaS world following the pandemic.

Aug 31

30 inspiring Central Texans recognized at Women in Business Awards

Austin Business Journal

The Austin Business Journal revealed the winners and finalists for the Women in Business Awards featuring Contentstack CEO, Neha Sampat.

Aug 31

Neha Sampat is an expert at raising gobs of VC, elevating others in tech sector

Austin Business Journal

Neha Sampat talks through pivotal moments in her career and how Contentstack is elevating the tech industry.

Aug 22

From Rejections To Raising $169 Million with Neha Sampat

The Mission Driven Business Podcast

Contentstack CEO, Neha Sampat shares strategies for building multiple successful businesses and highlights the importance of aligning a mission with company values.

Aug 15

Episode #141: Susan Beermann @ Contentstack


In this episode, Susan Beermann, CMO of Contentstack and Jenny Mesdag, CEO of Americas at Overdose, discuss digital transformation trends and share strategies for companies adjusting to the ever-evolving digital landscape. 

Aug 7

Nishant Patel on India, America, Entrepreneurship and Contentstack

Konaverse Podcast

Nishant's interview on the Konaverse Podcast discusses growing up in India, emigrating to the US and his journey to founding Contentstack.

Aug 1

Why BDRs Belong Under Marketing w/ Susan Beermann, CMO of Contentstack

The Marketer's Journey

In this podcast episode, Susan Beermann shares her best practices as CMO of Contentstack and her visions for the future of the industry.

Jul 25

A Closer Look at Contentstack's AI Features with Christine Masters, Senior Product Manager

CMS Critic

Contentstack Senior Product Manager, Christine Masters is driving product management for Contentstack's AI roadmap and breaking down the company's new AI Assistant.

Jul 17

Actors Against A.I., Startups Face Selling, FTC Fails to Block Microsoft

Venture Daily Podcast

In this podcast episode, Jackson Fordyce of Fortune leads Contentstack CEO, Neha Sampat and Georgian Lead Investor, Emily Walsh through discussions about recent strikes against the emergence of A.I. and startup sales amidst dry venture markets.

Jul 13

SPAR ICS selects Vue Storefront and Contentstack for online composable commerce technology deployment

Retail Technology Innovation Hub

The SPAR Austria group - SPAR (including INTERSPAR and Maximarkt), Hervis and SES Spar European Shopping Center - is upgrading its INTERSPAR Austria online shop with composable commerce technology.

Jul 12

Improved E-Commerce Experience


SPAR Austria group has chosen the technologies of Contentstack and Vue-Storefront to enhance its e-commerce experience and future-proof its online presence.

Jul 5

Minimizing Risk in Your MarTech Stack with Composable Architecture

Solutions Review

Nishant Patel, founder and CTO of Contentstack, explains how composable architecture can minimize risks in a company’s martech stack with Solutions Review.

Jun 23

How to Balance Risk, Stability and Customer Success


Contentstack CTO, Nishant Patel highlights the importance of taking risks when embracing innovation and explains how to balance between ‘innovators’ and ‘stabilizers’ on a team.

Jun 15

There Are Multiple Paths to the Finish Line: Interview with Neha Sampat, Founder and CEO of Contentstack

Adam Mendler’s Thirty Minute Mentor

In an exclusive interview with Adam Mendler, Contentstack CEO Neha Sampat shares her ideas on building a successful business, her opinion on the defining qualities of an effective leader and some entrepreneurial tips. 

May 24

The Visionary Journey of Neha Sampat: Disrupting Digital Experiences with Contentstack


In this exclusive interview with ValiantCEO Magazine, we are thrilled to present Neha Sampat, the dynamic CEO of Contentstack, a leading Composable Digital Experience provider.

May 10

Contentstack Unveils First Composable Charter Created by Industry Leaders


In news shared first with CMSWire, Contentstack, a leading composable digital experience provider (DXP), is releasing today what it says is the “first-ever Composable Charter."

Apr 28

What is life like for entrepreneurial power couples? Q+A with the Co-founders of Contentstack

Business Leader

In an exclusive interview, we spoke to Neha Sampat and Nishant Patel, an entrepreneurial power couple who have co-founded various businesses, including their latest venture, Contentstack. Neha and Nishant gave us an insight into operating businesses as a couple, their top growth tips and much more.

Apr 12

Contentstack integrates ChatGPT into headless CMS editing environment


Is your content management system integrating with ChatGPT? Unless you are using another generative AI tool/writing assistant, then it’s something you might want to ask your CMS provider about. If you are a customer of Contentstack, then you know the answer.

Mar 30

Contentstack wins spot on Comparably list of Best Sales Team 2023


Contentstack was named to Comparably's list of Best Sales Teams 2023, ranking seventh of 50 companies listed in the category. The Comparably Best Departments awards reflect how employees of specific departments rate their workplace experiences in 16 different metrics including compensation, leadership, co-workers, work-life balance, career growth and perks and benefits.

Mar 29

Contentstack wins Comparably award for Best Places to Work - San Francisco/Bay Area 2023


Contentstack is a 2023 Comparably award winner for Best Places to Work: San Francisco/Bay Area. Comparably's Best Places to Work awards rank the top 50 companies in a metropolitan area based on how employees rate their workplace in metrics including compensation, leadership, co-workers, work-life balance, career growth and benefits.

Mar 8

Contentstack recognized as one of 2023 Women in Tech 100 companies for diversity, equity and inclusion

Women impact Tech

Contentstack is included in the 2023 Women Impact Tech 100, a list of progressive companies empowering women in tech. Contentstack CEO and co-founder Neha Sampat was recognized as one of the best CEOs for women and diversity.

Mar 7

Contentstack makes Forbes list of "America's Best Startup Employers 2023"


Contentstack was named one of "America’s Best Startup Employers 2023" by Forbes. The list is compiled by evaluating 2,600 U.S.-based businesses employer reputation, employee satisfaction and growth.

Feb 28

Contentstack enters front-end hosting market with Contentstack Launch

Enterprise Times

Contentstack has launched its new Contentstack Launch front-end hosting service offering. The new service extends Contentstack’s product suite, providing enterprise companies with a first-ever fully composable, fully automated, digital experience stack from the front end to the back end.

Feb 28

Contentstack expands product suite, enters front-end hosting market with new fully integrated offering: Contentstack Launch

Martech Series

Contentstack, the leading composable digital experience provider, announces its new Contentstack Launch front-end hosting service offering. The new service extends Contentstack’s product suite, providing enterprise companies with a first-ever fully composable, fully automated, digital experience stack from the front end to the back end.

Feb 28

No more integrating walled gardens - Contentstack adds front-end hosting to its composable digital experience platform

Speed is essential these days because customer expectations are constantly changing. That's why Contentstack is building a platform designed to reduce friction and get experiences into production fast.

Feb 25

ContentStack’s Series C $80 Million round expands composable digital experiences, people first culture


Neha Sampat, cofounder and CEO of Contentstack, shares strategies for creating a company culture that gives people the opportunity to do the best work of their career.

Feb 24

How my non-technical background helps me as a three-time tech-founder & CEO


It's been said that Neha Sampat "goes against the grain of startup mythology." She is a three-time tech founder and CEO, even though she comes from a non-technical background. Neha is also known for building purpose-driven companies that are great places to work.

Feb 23

CMO Circle: Susan Beerman's unconventional path to marketing leadership


Learn how CMO Susan Beermann pivoted from sales to marketing and what it takes to be a successful CMO in this interview with CMSWire reporter Jennifer Torres.

Feb 14

What are the top couple-owned businesses?

Business Leader

Running a business with your significant other can blur the lines between your professional and personal lives, but there’s a lot to be said about working with someone you love and trust. There are many cases when doing so leads to great success.

Jan 12

MarTech Interview with Susan Beermann, CMO at Contentstack

MarTech Series

Susan Beermann, CMO at Contentstack has a few pointers for B2B marketers as they navigate a challenging ecosystem in 2023.