What is a Conditional Path?

A Conditional Path is a conditional statement that runs a different set of actions that depends on whether an expression is true or false.

Suppose you want to call someone, but it is only possible if the person is available, or you can send a voice message.

Automation Hub has introduced the Conditional Path feature that allows you to customize your automation path and flow.

  1. If the conditions provided in the Conditional Path match, then perform the actions defined in the ‘If’ step.
  2. If the conditions do not match, then perform the actions defined in the ‘Else’ step. With conditional statements, you can configure automation on a more granular level.

Basic Flowchart of Conditional Path


When to use the Conditional Path statement?

With the Conditional Path feature, you can control the flow of your automation. Suppose you want to perform a specific action only when a certain criteria is matched such as a particular variable has a specific value or a value greater than a threshold, then perform an action.

Refer to the Using Conditional Paths to Customize Automations use case to narrow down your automation for specific tasks.

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