Constructor is a platform for ecommerce websites to enhance the search results for different products. This action connector allows you to store product details of your ecommerce website in an organized manner for faster search results.

Set up Constructor

Perform the following steps to set up the Constructor action connector:

  1. Click Configure Action Step from the left navigation panel.
  2. Click Action Step to configure third-party services.
  3. Within the Configure Action Step, click the Constructor connector.
  4. Under Choose an Action tab, select the Index an Entry action.
  5. Click the + Add New Account button to set up your Constructor account (see screenshot in next step).
  6. In the Authorize modal, enter the API Token and Index Key.
    To generate the API Token and Key, log in to the Constructor dashboard and perform the following steps:
    1. Click the Integration tab in the navigation.
    2. Under the “API Integration” section, click on Generate API Token.
    3. Click the Dashboard tab in the navigation.
    4. Under the Indexes section, copy the INDEX KEY of the index to which you want to add the data.

      Note: Refer to the Authentication document for more details.

    5. Click the Authorize button.
  7. On the Configure Action tab, add the product details such as id, name, data, and URL in the Body section.

    Note: You must define the mandatory parameters - id and name, in your JSON array. Refer to the Items document for more details on the pre-defined parameters.

  8. [Optional] Enable the Show optional fields toggle button to display the Index Section, and the Email Address fields.

    Note: You can specify any index section and add the data.

  9. Click the Proceed button.
  10. Click the Test Action button to test the configured action.
  11. The output will be shown as follows. Click the Save and Exit button.
  12. To view the added product details, navigate to the Constructor dashboard and click the Products section.

This sets up the Constructor action connector.

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