The Algolia Connector helps you to create search index entries in your Algolia account.

Set Up Algolia

Perform the following steps to set up the Algolia action connector:

  1. In the Configure Action section, select the Algolia connector.
  2. Select the Create Index Entry action.
  3. Click the + Add New Account button to select your Algolia account.
  4. In the Authorize modal, add a suitable Title, Application ID, and the API Key of your Algolia account to connect it with Contentstack.
  5. To find your Application ID and API Key, login to Algolia dashboard and perform the following steps:

    1. Click on Settings.
    2. Under Team and Access, you will find the required credentials.

      Additional Resource: For more details, refer to the Importing with API’s document.

  6. Once done, click on Authorize.
  7. Select the Index Name where you want to send the data in the form of a list of objects and enter the data to be added to the index in the Entries field.

    Note: Provide your index data as per your object schema and in JSON format only.

  8. Click on Proceed.
  9. This completes the configuration of your Action. Now, click on the Test Action button to send your data to the Algolia index.
  10. Click on Save and Exit.

To verify the output, go to the Algolia Index section and check the latest index entry with the data we passed as objects in the Algolia action connector.


This sets the Algolia action connector.

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