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What's new

The latest updates and enhancements to our cutting-edge products

Headless CMS
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  • New In-platform Help Center
    Harness the power of our extensive documentation, comprehensive learning courses, and contextually relevant recommendations to create an educational hub directly within the platform.
  • 2023 IDC MarketScape Headless CMS Leader
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  • New ChatGPT features to leverage
    Instantly transform your content creation experience with the latest enhancements to our AI Assistant. The update includes the ability to configure custom actions, utilize starter actions and icons, along with an added export/import functionality. These upgrades collectively offer a more bespoke content creation experience that better suits your unique needs.
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  • Live Preview enhancement
    Switch between environments effortlessly and view locale-based, tailored previews of your content, making it a breeze to preview content in different languages.
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  • Pagination
    This new capability enables users to to organize large content lists into easily navigable pages. Now, instead of scrolling through long lists, you can effortlessly flip through a select number of rows per page, bringing efficiency to tasks like managing an extensive library of articles or products.
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  • Compare & Merge Branches
    Additional UI and CLI tools will allow users to easily compare and merge two branches, simplifying the management of the overall content structure without disrupting production activities.
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  • New region support: Microsoft Azure EU
    Ready to expand your business, globally? Contentstack's availability on Microsoft Azure EU infrastructure means organizations now have the opportunity to leverage powerful content management capabilities directly within the European Union.
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  • AWS tools
    Users can now connect Contentstack’s CMS to existing AWS tools, providing the advantage of robust scalability and high performance, and ensuring that your content management system meets your organization's growing needs.
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  • Content Calendar App
    Preview your scheduled events and workflow tasks, helping you to easily visualize and plan your releases across all teams.
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  • Workflow Board App
    Present all your workflow stages and tasks in one place with the Workflow Board App which provides a comprehensive Kanban view of your content management process.
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  • Interstack Reference App
    Cross-stack collaboration has never been easier with the Interstack Reference App. Refer and use custom content type fields to reference entries from multiple stacks within your Contentstack organization.
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Automation Hub
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  • Branch & Release support
    Enhance your automation workflows with Contentstack Action and Trigger events that now include branch and release support. Specify the branch and release to be used as part of a trigger or action, enabling more precise control and flexibility in your automation processes.
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  • Clone an Automation
    Save time and effort by cloning existing automations. Duplicate configurations with a few clicks, allowing for quick setup and customization while maintaining consistency.
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  • Aprimo Connector
    Seamlessly integrate with Aprimo, a leading digital asset management platform, to streamline your content management and distribution processes.
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  • Airtable Connector
    Connect with Airtable, a flexible collaboration platform, to automate data synchronization and enhance collaboration across your teams.
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  • Contentstack Launch Connector
    Simplify your content delivery workflows by integrating with Contentstack Launch, enabling seamless content publication and distribution across channels.
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  • New region support: AWS EU
    Contentstack Launch is now available on AWS EU infrastructure. The new region brings enhanced capabilities and increased options for businesses and organizations looking to host their applications, websites, and services in Europe.
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  • Refreshed Environments UX
    We've updated the Environments List and Environments Settings screens for easier and more efficient administration.
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  • Major performance improvements
    Contentstack observed a boost of more than 5 points for Performance and more than 12 points for SEO over our previous Lighthouse score benchmarks when we migrated to Launch from our previous front-end host.
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  • Custom 404 pages
    Launch now supports custom 404 pages for NextJS and Gatsby projects.
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For businesses and brands today, it’s all about meeting the customer where they are in their digital buying journey, wherever that may be. The secret to doing that is through a composable digital experience architecture and platform, and that’s exactly what we provide here at Contentstack, equipping business users and developers alike to move at the speed their imagination.
Cs_logo_white_color.svgNishant Patel, CTO at Contentstack
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What’s coming

Check out our latest roadmap updates for each product

Sep 05, 2023

Benefits of Live Preview: Now with GraphQL support

Learn more about our dynamic Live Preview feature, now with GraphQL support! A game-changer in headless CMS, Live Preview provides real-time omnichannel visualization of how content will appear on the final user interface, enhancing the content creation and editing experience.

Aug 01, 2023

Summer platform recap: What’s new and what’s coming for Contentstack

Time certainly does fly and it's exciting to share our summer updates! First off, have you heard the news? Contentstack's Headless CMS has been recognized as a leader for 2023 by IDC MarketScape.

Jul 10, 2023

Simplify Your Composable Stack: Connect Contentstack's CMS to Cloud Tools and Platforms with Clicks, Not Code

The digital landscape is rapidly evolving, and businesses must adapt to stay ahead. One key aspect of this composable transformation is the shift toward cloud-based infrastructure.

What are people asking? (FAQ)

Here’s a few of the most common questions we get. If you can’t find your answer, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contentstack is the industry's only fully automated composable digital experience platform, powered by the #1 headless CMS. We empower marketers and developers to deliver composable digital experiences at the speed of their imagination.

  • Enhanced customer experience
    • Deliver tailored content across all channels, from websites to mobile apps, to e-commerce
  • Increased performance & speed
    • Experience improved market agility and time-to-market
  • Greater team efficiency
    • Align efforts and collaborate across teams and departments
  • Increased roi & reduce tco
    • Optimize digital initiative investments and streamline operational costs
  • Accelerated time-to-value
    • Shorten development cycles and accelerate innovation

A traditional CMS combines content management and content presentation in one system and often relies on pre-built templates and themes to deliver content to users. A headless CMS separates content management from content presentation, allowing developers to build custom applications and experiences using APIs and web services.

A headless CMS can manage any type of content, including text, images, videos, audio and structured data. It can also support multiple content formats and delivery channels.

Other than Contentstack Headless CMS, Contentstack offers a range of add-ons and extensions including Marketplace, Automation Hub and Contentstack Launch.

Automation Hub is a no-code visual workflow builder that helps eliminate the technical headaches involved with integrating a CMS into your composable architecture. It enables developers and business users to create and maintain complex, multi-step processes through custom triggered actions that can execute in the background—all with clicks, not code.

Built seamlessly into our Composable DXP ecosystem, Automation Hub can leverage its access and knowledge of Contentstack’s core platform functionality to easily plug and play with other tools in your composable tech stack, helping teams integrate faster, streamline workflows and eliminate costly middleware.

Contentstack Launch is the ideal front-end hosting solution for your business, providing developers with a roadmap to success. As the only MACH-compliant platform on the market, Contentstack goes beyond any other offering by streamlining workflows, optimizing development operations, and improving business outcomes all through clicks not code. By reducing wait-states and eliminating friction between back-end code and front-end user experiences, Contentstack Launch has everything developers need to take their projects to the next level.

A composable DXP describes when a DXP is assembled from a series of best-of-breed solutions. These solutions work together via APIs to deliver content and digital experiences to customers in a more agile and flexible way than a single, integrated and monolithic platform.

Contentstack provides a seamless experience for businesses looking to “go composable” by offering an out-of-the-box Composable DXP solution. Contentstack's solution includes the ability to customize and rapidly update digital experiences, with zero coding knowledge required. Additionally, users can deploy, manage and maintain their digital products with ease by leveraging pre-built content blocks and templates. Furthermore, the open platform promotes easy integration with other tools used in modern business applications.

Composable architecture is a modern software development approach that enables businesses to create and manage digital experiences through the assembly of software components, apps and services. This approach allows organizations to quickly assemble, customize and update their digital projects in an agile manner while keeping up with ever-changing business needs. By combining specialized components into comprehensive applications, various types of digital products and experiences can be built without having to rewrite code or integrate multiple systems.

Easy. Visit www.contentstack.com/try-for-free and sign up for a free trial.