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2023 Roadmap Recap

What's new

The latest updates and enhancements to our cutting-edge products

Headless CMS
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  • Teams
    Teams provides organizations with a straightforward approach to team management and content ownership. With bulk permissions, Teams enables better holistic visibility of team members and grants suitable access based on roles and responsibilities, helping to maintain content security without interference.
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  • UI updates, enhanced search, expanded Live Preview service, and more
    We’re excited to announce the second and final phase of user interface (UI) updates to our Venus Design System 2.0, extending to primarily developer-specific screens and modules. Bundled along are also new powerful search capabilities, REST support for Live Preview with a new way to improve security control, and bolstered team management features for organization administrators.
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  • Taxonomy
    Taxonomy enhances content organization and enables content editors, particularly from larger enterprise environments, to handle vast and complex data structures with full control and ease.
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  • New in-platform Help Center
    You now have the ability to access extensive documentation, relevant content recommendations, and comprehensive learning resources without ever leaving the platform. With the Help Center, you can access valuable resources and guidance for continuous learning and growth within the Contentstack ecosystem.
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  • GraphQL support for Live Preview
    We added real-time data preview capabilities to support GraphQL from new Live Preview APIs. A primary advantage of GraphQL is its ability to prevent overfetching and underfetching of data, enabling developers to request exactly the data they need, reducing unnecessary data transfer and the need for multiple API calls.
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  • AI Assistant
    AI Assistant is now generally available! It includes an enhanced JSON Rich Text Editor, offering precise granularity down to paragraphs, words, and even custom prompts. Furthermore, alongside ChatGPT, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Bedrock models are now supported. Plus, customize the UI with your brand's icons for a user experience that's aligned to your brand identity.
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  • Egnyte app
    We're excited to share that the Egnyte app is now live in our Marketplace! Egnyte simplifies file management directly within Contentstack by allowing users to access and manage their Egnyte files without leaving Contentstack's platform.
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  • Developer Hub
    Developer Hub is now generally available on Contentstack! This is a user-friendly interface for teams to easily create and manage custom applications, making it an ideal tool for developers and partners looking to enhance or extend the platform experience with personalized integrations and capabilities.
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  • JW Player app
    We are excited to announce the brand-new JW Player app in our Marketplace! With this app, content managers are empowered to fetch, view, and manage videos inside Contentstack entries.
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  • Contentstack DAM app boilerplate
    Simplify the development of custom Digital Asset Management (DAM) applications for the Contentstack platform.
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  • Content Model templates
    A collection of predefined content types and global fields readily available for import into your stack to accelerate the content creation process.
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  • E-commerce app boilerplate
    Jumpstart your e-commerce development with our e-commerce app boilerplate, offering pre-configured templates to get you off the ground quickly.
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  • Google Vertex Connector
    Leverage Google Vertex's AI models, including the Gemini API, to generate dynamic responses within your automations. Ideal for enhancing chatbots, automating content creation, or any task requiring AI-driven insights. Learn more about Google Vertex connector.
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  • Throttle Execution
    Control the speed of automation executions to stay within API rate limits by systematically queuing and executing automation steps in a regulated manner.
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  • AWS Bedrock Connector
    Choose from new AI offerings like AI21 Labs, Anthropic’s Claude, and Amazon’s Titan models to power a wide variety of generative AI use cases.
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  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector
    Fetch product details from your Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform to keep products in sync between systems.
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  • Asana Connector
    Create projects, update tasks, and fetch user information from an Asana dashboard and have those actions trigger content creation or other updates in Contentstack.
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  • Expanded framework support
    We are thrilled to share that Contentstack Launch has expanded its support to include some very popular frameworks. Launch now supports Vue, Create React App, Angular, and CSR (Client-Side Rendered) frameworks, providing a one-stop solution for hosting websites built on these frameworks.
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  • Redirects & Rewrites at the Edge
    Manage URL rewrites and redirects from a new launch.json file that you can add to your repository.
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  • On-Demand Revalidation
    Content updates to be reflected in real-time, ensuring that your changes always display the most current and accurate information.
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For businesses and brands today, it’s all about meeting the customer where they are in their digital buying journey, wherever that may be. The secret to doing that is through a composable digital experience architecture and platform, and that’s exactly what we provide here at Contentstack, equipping business users and developers alike to move at the speed their imagination.
Cs_logo_white_color.svgNishant Patel, CTO at Contentstack
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What’s coming

Check out our latest roadmap updates for each product

Apr 16, 2024

Keeping content organized and secure with Teams & Taxonomy

We’re excited to announce that both Teams and Taxonomy are now generally available to all our customers! This is a significant addition to the Contentstack CMS, allowing our customers to scale content organization, team management, and role-based permissions, enabling users to easily manage large and complex data structures while maintaining content security and separation.

Apr 09, 2024

Contentstack + Google Cloud: More cloud power for the category-leading composable DXP

We've announced a new partnership with Google, expanding our hosting capabilities to include one of the world's leading cloud platforms. This partnership introduces Google Cloud as another option for hosting your Contentstack data, alongside our existing support for AWS and Azure. By leveraging Google Cloud's infrastructure and services, we aim to provide our users with more choices for scalable, secure hosting solutions.

Apr 04, 2024

Simplifying front-end hosting with Contentstack Launch

Developers and content managers continually seek solutions that streamline their workflows and enhance the efficiency of their projects. Contentstack Launch is a front-end hosting service designed to significantly accelerate digital experiences from code to live content.

What are people asking? (FAQ)

Here’s a few of the most common questions we get. If you can’t find your answer, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contentstack is the industry's only fully automated composable digital experience platform, powered by the #1 headless CMS. We empower marketers and developers to deliver composable digital experiences at the speed of their imagination.

  • Enhanced customer experience
    • Deliver tailored content across all channels, from websites to mobile apps, to e-commerce
  • Increased performance & speed
    • Experience improved market agility and time-to-market
  • Greater team efficiency
    • Align efforts and collaborate across teams and departments
  • Increased roi & reduce tco
    • Optimize digital initiative investments and streamline operational costs
  • Accelerated time-to-value
    • Shorten development cycles and accelerate innovation

A traditional CMS combines content management and content presentation in one system and often relies on pre-built templates and themes to deliver content to users. A headless CMS separates content management from content presentation, allowing developers to build custom applications and experiences using APIs and web services.

A headless CMS can manage any type of content, including text, images, videos, audio and structured data. It can also support multiple content formats and delivery channels.

Other than Contentstack Headless CMS, Contentstack offers a range of add-ons and extensions including Marketplace, Automate and Contentstack Launch.

Automate is a no-code visual workflow builder that helps eliminate the technical headaches involved with integrating a CMS into your composable architecture. It enables developers and business users to create and maintain complex, multi-step processes through custom triggered actions that can execute in the background—all with clicks, not code.

Built seamlessly into our Composable DXP ecosystem, Automate can leverage its access and knowledge of Contentstack’s core platform functionality to easily plug and play with other tools in your composable tech stack, helping teams integrate faster, streamline workflows and eliminate costly middleware.

Contentstack Launch is the ideal front-end hosting solution for your business, providing developers with a roadmap to success. As the only MACH-compliant platform on the market, Contentstack goes beyond any other offering by streamlining workflows, optimizing development operations, and improving business outcomes all through clicks not code. By reducing wait-states and eliminating friction between back-end code and front-end user experiences, Contentstack Launch has everything developers need to take their projects to the next level.

A composable DXP describes when a DXP is assembled from a series of best-of-breed solutions. These solutions work together via APIs to deliver content and digital experiences to customers in a more agile and flexible way than a single, integrated and monolithic platform.

Contentstack provides a seamless experience for businesses looking to “go composable” by offering an out-of-the-box Composable DXP solution. Contentstack's solution includes the ability to customize and rapidly update digital experiences, with zero coding knowledge required. Additionally, users can deploy, manage and maintain their digital products with ease by leveraging pre-built content blocks and templates. Furthermore, the open platform promotes easy integration with other tools used in modern business applications.

Composable architecture is a modern software development approach that enables businesses to create and manage digital experiences through the assembly of software components, apps and services. This approach allows organizations to quickly assemble, customize and update their digital projects in an agile manner while keeping up with ever-changing business needs. By combining specialized components into comprehensive applications, various types of digital products and experiences can be built without having to rewrite code or integrate multiple systems.

Easy. Visit www.contentstack.com/try-for-free and sign up for a free trial.