About Developer Hub

Contentstack Developer Hub is an app development framework/portal that developers can leverage to rapidly build, host, and publish ready-to-use private or public apps.

The Contentstack App Framework consists of app development APIs, SDKs, and other tools that help you build apps with ease. Using this framework, you can create private apps (only for your organization) and public apps (listed in Public marketplace for any of the CS customers to use, for example, third-party integrations, Contentstack apps, and so on).

Prerequisites for Working with Developer Hub

Here are some basic prerequisites that you need to have before you start creating apps in Developer Hub:

  • Access to Contentstack App Framework and Contentstack App SDK
  • Should be an Organization owner/admin or a Stack owner/admin
  • A thorough knowledge of app development
  • Node.js version 12 or above

Now, let’s get started with creating apps in Developer Hub.

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