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Contentstack Experience Awards

recognizing industry leaders demonstrating composable excellence

Winners have achieved breakthrough innovation, integration, transformation or effectiveness by leveraging composable technology

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Most Innovative


This brand leveraged composable technology in an innovative way to drive customer experience innovation.

Sky Group, the European media and entertainment company, needed to be able to quickly respond to editorial needs without reliance on IT. Sky Websites is an easy-to-use website builder allowing non-technical editors to quickly build branded websites that are secure, compliant, accessible, and resilient. This project leveraged Contentstack’s modular blocks, content types, and a custom stack management tool and (1) increased speed to market, (2) provided unprecedented creative freedom to content editors, and (3) freed up developer resources to focus on customer experience innovation.


Best Integrated
Technology Project


This company leveraged several integrated composable technologies to benefit their business or customer experience.

Icelandair’s translation process used to be burdensome and heavily reliant on spreadsheets: both time-consuming and error-prone. They addressed this via an integration of an API-based translation service into Contentstack, creating a separate publishing environment and using a webhook to submit content to a Python service, which submits and receives translations from the translation agency. Now, the Icelandair content team can submit content for translation directly in the CMS, track progress, get notified of translations ready for review (using Workflows and Roles in Contentstack), and leverage the bulk update functionality to publish multiple entries across multiple languages. The results? 70% faster rate of translation delivery and publishing live across 17 locales and 11 languages.


Most Successful Digital


This is a story of transformation: This brand successfully went from monolith to composable, and their business benefitted as a result.

Metrolinx, a Canadian road and public transport agency, set the goal of delivering a better, personalized, and seamless customer experience. Kicking off in February 2022, EPAM leveraged Contentstack within a transformation program of the company’s technology: from several different legacy CMS platforms and applications to a new unified, fully integrated composable digital experience stack. The program kicked off in February 2022 and is being executed in three phases, consolidating 12 websites under 3 domains (Metrolinx, GO, and UP Express). Preliminary results indicate 1.5-2x faster page load times and 99% faster content publishing (5 min vs 24+ hours), creating immediate business impact and delivering a strong foundation for ongoing customer experience innovation.