JSON RTE Comments

The JSON RTE Comments feature allows you to add comments within the JSON Rich Text Editor. This feature helps you to collaborate with other Contentstack users across the content creation and review processes efficiently.

Let’s see how to work with them.

Add a JSON RTE Comment

To add a JSON RTE comment within the JSON RTE, log in to your Contentstack account, and perform the following steps:

  1. Go to your stack and edit an existing entry.
  2. Navigate to a JSON Rich Text Editor field and add a comment. Here are some ways to add comments within the JSON RTE:
    1. Hover over the block to which you want to add a comment and click the “Add comment” icon.
    2. To add a comment to a text, simply highlight the text and click the "Add comment" icon.
    3. To add a comment for images, hover over the image block and click the “Add comment” icon.
  3. Enter your comment in the modal that appears and click Post.

    Note: You can have a maximum of 500 characters per JSON RTE comment.

As soon as you add a comment for any text, it starts a discussion. Your JSON RTE can have multiple discussions.

Tag Users or Roles within a JSON RTE Comment

You can tag/mention other users or roles using “@” within your comments.

When tagged in a discussion, users receive an email notification as well as an in-app notification, and clicking on a notification will direct them to the respective discussion.

Edit or Delete a JSON RTE Comment

To edit or delete JSON RTE comments, click the “Comment” icon against the text and click the “Edit” or “Delete” icon, respectively.

Resolve a Discussion

Once you are done with a discussion, you can close it by clicking the Resolve button.

You can also resolve a discussion within the discussion panel.

View Resolved Discussions

You can view all the discussions that have taken place over the JSON RTE of an entry, whether active or resolved, under the Discussions section on the right-hand side panel:

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