About Regions

A Contentstack region refers to the location of the data centers where your organization's data resides.

While subscribing to a Contentstack Account, you can decide the data center that will host your organization’s data.

Contentstack currently supports five regions: AWS North America, AWS Europe, Azure North America, Azure Europe, and GCP North America.

Data Centers

Contentstack supported regions are hosted in the following data centers:

  • For AWS North America, our main region is Oregon, US (us-west-1) and the backup region is North Virginia, US (us-east-1).
  • For AWS Europe, our main region is Ireland, Europe (eu-west-1) and the backup is Frankfurt, Europe (eu-central-1).
  • For Azure North America, our primary region is West US 2 and our backups are configured in US East region(MongoDB Database backups) and West US region(Assets backups)
  • For Azure Europe, our primary region is West Europe (Netherlands) and our backup region is EU Central 1 (Frankfurt)
  • For GCP North America, our primary region is Oregon, US (us-west1) and the backup region is South Carolina, US (us-east1)

Features of Contentstack Regions

  • Global Availability
  • Independent Data Centers
  • Speed and Security

Global Availability

Each data center is installed in a specific region, but it is capable of serving customers across the globe.
For example: The AWS Europe data center is installed in the European region and it is capable of serving customers across all of Europe and other continents.

Independent Data Centers

  • Each region is a separate, independent region. Therefore a region doesn't work as a fallback or disaster recovery option for the other.
    You can't use a region as a backup of your primary region.
  • The data stored in one region cannot be accessed by anyone from a different region.
  • You cannot store your organization's content in multiple regions.
    For example: If you choose the AWS Europe data center as your region, all of your organization's data will reside in the AWS Europe region
  • Each region has its own login URLs and other endpoints.

Speed and Security

  • Contentstack regions offer high level of data security and privacy.
  • The Contentstack app functions at the optimum level in all the available regions.

Using Regions in Contentstack

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