About Management Tokens

Management Tokens are tokens that provide you with read-write access to the content of your stack. It is a credential—used along with the stack API key—to make authorized Content Management API (CMA) requests for managing content of your stack.

Note: The management token can be assigned to all the branches or to a specific branch. You can also assign it to all the aliases or a specific alias, to fetch or manage data from their associated branches. Refer to our Global Modules document for more information.

A management token with READ & WRITE permissions can perform all actions on the following modules:

A management token with just READ permissions can be used to make all GET requests for the modules mentioned above.

Note: Management tokens cannot be used for the following modules: organization, stack, user session, and tokens.

To get a better understanding of Management tokens, you can read the documents provided in our “More articles” section

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