Configure Regions in the CLI | Old Commands

The config namespace contains all the commands that you will need to configure the CLI as per your requirements.

Contentstack currently supports three regions: North America, Europe, and Azure North America.

By default, the CLI uses the North American region. Configuration changes are not required for North America region users.

Using the following set of commands, you can configure the CLI to use other regions



Get region

The config:get:region command will return the name of the region on which you are performing actions in Contentstack, via CLI.


csdx config:get:region

Set region

The config:set:region command lets you select a region, from the available Contentstack regions, to perform actions using CLI.


csdx config:set:region <Region>


  • Region: Specifies the region that you want to use while executing the CLI commands. Possible values are as follows:
    • EU for Europe
    • AZURE-NA for Azure North America
    • NA for North America


csdx config:set:region EU
csdx config:set:region AZURE-NA

Set custom host and region

By using the config:set:region command, you can also set a custom host for Content Delivery and Content Management APIs, and set a custom region name for the hosts.


csdx config:set:region -d <custom_cda_host_url> -m <custom_cma_host_url> -n <custom_region_name>


  • -d, --cda=cda: Custom host to set for the Content Delivery API. If this option is used, then cma and name options are required.
  • -m, --cma=cma: Custom host to set for the Content Management API. If this option is used, then cda and name options are required.
  • -n, --name=name: The name for the region. If this option is used, then cda and cma options are required


csdx config:set:region -d "https://in-cda.contentstack.com" -m "https://in-api.contentstack.com" -n "India"
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