Monitor Organization Activities in Audit Log

Audit Log tracks and displays activities (or events) performed across the Contentstack platform in a particular Organization.

To view the Audit Log, log in to your Contentstack account, and perform the following steps:

  1. Select the Organization from the dropdown on the header and click on the “Org Admin” icon in the left navigation panel.

    Or, you can simply click on the “Org Admin” cog beside the Organization that you intend to open.

  2. Click on the Audit Log tab on the left panel.

The following details are displayed under Audit Log when an event occurs:

  • Date and Time: Specifies the date and time when the event occurred
  • Title: Specifies the title of the particular module
  • User: Specifies the name of the user who performed the event
  • Event: Specifies the type of action performed

This feature facilitates the monitoring of all activities occurring across all projects within your Organization.

Filter Audit Log

By default, the Audit Log displays information in reverse chronological order i.e., the latest event appears on the top. To refine your results and view specific information, you can apply filters.

In columns where applicable, simply click on the “Filter” icon next to the column title and apply the necessary filters.

The date filter enables quick access to audit log information from the last 30 days, last 7 days, the previous day, or the current day. Additionally, the ”Custom Range” option permits setting a specific date range within the last 30 days.

Note: You can retrieve audit log information only for 30 days prior to the current day (for an organization).

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