View Execution Log of Automations

The Execution Log section helps you monitor the success status of your Automations. When you execute an automation, you will find the execution status under one of the following statuses: Success, Failed, Pending, Running, Paused, and Partially Executed.

To access it, click Execution Log on the left navigation panel. You will see the details of the execution of the workflow. It shows the Automation name, Time (date, time), StatusDuration (in seconds), and the number of Steps, i.e., the number of connectors configured and executed in the automation.

You can filter the execution log by date to view only specific logs.


Note: To view the logs, you must execute an automation.


To view more details of a particular execution, click a specific log. You will see a time-wise distribution of each step.
If any execution has a Failed status, you would be able to see the details here as well.
If any execution has a Partially Executed status, you will be able to see the details of the Skipped step in the Execution Details pop-up.


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