Send Concise Webhook Payload

While creating or updating a webhook, Contentstack allows you to send a concise JSON payload to the specified URL whenever the selected event occurs.

To send a concise webhook payload, log in to Contentstack and perform the following steps:

  1. Go to your stack, navigate to the “Settings” gear icon, and select Webhooks. You will notice a list of existing webhooks.
  2. Click on the webhook you want to edit to view its details.
  3. On the webhook page, check the Send Concise Payload checkbox to allow the webhook to return a concise JSON payload.
  4. To view the concise payload sent by a webhook, open the Logs tab and click on the Call Details link.

Here is an example of a concise JSON payload that a webhook sends in the request body when an entry is updated:

  "url": "",
  "method": "POST",
  "headers": {
    "Content-Type": "application/json",
    "User-Agent": "Contentstack",
    "X-Contentstack-Signature": "dec7836767367673467436f2156d001ce14532f",
    "custom": "testing",
    "Authorization": "Basic dGVzdDp0ZXN0aW5n"
  "body": {
    "module": "entry",
    "api_key": "blt27673sasyd26736",
    "event": "update",
    "triggered_at": "2020-08-31T10:01:54.215Z",
    "data": {
      "entry": {
        "uid": "blt346346gd63262",
        "title": "Sample Entry",
        "locale": "en-us",
        "_version": 4
      "content_type": {
        "uid": "sample_content_type",
        "title": "Sample Content Type"

API Reference

To send concise webhook payload while creating or updating a webhook via API, refer to the following API requests:

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