Validation (Regex)

The Validation (Regex) property helps you define a set of validation options for a given field.

In general, this field property is used to perform validation checks (format, length, etc.) on the value that the user enters in a field. If the user enters a value that does not pass these checks, it will throw an error.

You can define validation rules by specifying custom validation regular expressions in this property.

Let’s consider a few examples:

  • Email: If you want to check if the user has entered a valid email address in the email field, you can specify the following regex code in the Validation (Regex) property:
  • URL: To check whether a URL entered by a user is valid, you can use the following regex code in the Validation (Regex) property:

  • Date: You can define rules to check whether the date entered by a user is in valid format by using the following regex code. The following code will check if the entered value is in one of the "dd/mm/yyyy," "dd-mm-yyyy," or "" formats. It will also validate leap years.

Note: The Validation (Regex) property is available only for Single Line and Multi Line text box fields.

Learn more about regular expressions in the official documentation.

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