August 4, 2022

Accept or Skip Source Font Size While Copying Content in HTML RTE

Post this release, i.e., August 4, 2022, you will be allowed to skip the font size attribute while pasting content from a vendor (Google Document) while executing the Add stack settings API request. You can pass the "sys_rte_skip_format_on_paste" key within the stack_variables section in the request body.

While copying content from an external app (e.g., Google Drive) into the HTML RTE field (using the Add stack settings API requests), the font-size attribute helps you copy content along with the font size used in the source.

If you wish to ignore the font size of the source and use the default or user-defined font size, you can skip this attribute while executing the API request.

To skip the font-size attribute, you can use the "sys_rte_skip_format_on_paste":"GD:font-size" key. Here, GD indicates the external app’s prefix (Google Document), while font-size signifies the attribute to skip.

Note: We are currently only supporting one attribute (GD:font-size) for this key. This is only applicable for the HTML Rich Text Editor.

Here’s a sample of the Request Body:


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