API Change Log

To keep our platform up to date, we may occasionally add new resources, new fields, new response keys to the Contentstack APIs, or change the existing resources. All such changes and upgrades are documented here.

Oct 14, 2017

  • The URL of assets for stacks created after this release will include the file name, and the URL pattern will be /v3/assets/:api_key/:asset_uid/:token/:filename.
  • It will now be possible to get entries by URL even if the entries use default URL pattern. This change will be applicable only to the stacks created after this release.

June 24, 2017

  • The publish_details key that was available in the response of GET requests of draft entries and assets will be no longer returned by default. To include it in the response, use the include_publish_details parameter.
  • The publish_details key available in the response of GET requests of entries and assets of specific environment(s) will now contain the details of only the environment(s) specified in the environment parameter, and not of all the environments.
  • The image URL, when opened in the browser will render the image, instead of downloading it.
  • Any API request will return a maximum of 100 records (changed from 1000 earlier). The next batch of records can be retrieved by making the same request and changing the skip parameter to 100 from 0.

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