August 19, 2021

Date Range Filtering for Webhook Execution Details

The Get executions of a webhook API request now allows you to filter the webhook execution details based on a particular date range. To do so, you can pass from and to as query parameters within the API request. For both of these parameters, you need to provide a date in ISO format as the value. For instance, to set the start date in the from parameter to December 8, 2017, you can pass the date in ISO format as shown below:


Linking Content Management API Requests with Audit Log

Audit Log tracks and displays activities (events) performed in a particular stack. Initially, the API response body only contained information about the operations being performed. With multiple API requests being executed throughout the stack by various users, mapping each request was a tedious task.

After this release, you will be able to view a request_id key in the response body of the GET Audit Log and GET Audit Log Item requests. This key helps map the API requests made throughout a stack with the Audit Log.

The response schema would look as follows:

        "title":"Audit-log Test",

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