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“Contentstack has a strong vision for what ‘the new spine’ of a composed digital experience platform needs to contain...”

The Forrester WaveTM, Digital Experience Platforms, Q4 2023
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6 reasons to choose Contentstack over Sitecore

There's no comparison - Contentstack is the #1 Composable DXP powered by the #1 Headless CMS


Superior architecture

Contentstack’s headless and cloud-native roots outperform Sitecore in application architecture with a strong vision of what “the new spine” of a composed digital experience platform needs to contain and what it should not contain.


Easier to use

With API-first technology like Contentstack, specialized developer expertise, certification, or coding is not required. Contentstack's intuitive interface empowers technical and non-technical users, enabling effortless content creation and management.


More choice and freedom

A composable approach puts an end to vendor lock-in, making expensive and time-intensive upgrades a thing of the past. Contentstack empowers customers with maximum choice and control over their technology stack, allowing you to pick and choose best-of-breed MACH tools tailored to your specific use cases.


Unmatched support

Contentstack provides unmatched composable expertise and customer care through our Technical Solutions Organization and the industry’s only cross-vendor support program.


Faster time-to-value

Contentstack's composable DXP is easier to set up and implement than Sitecore's DXP, with dedicated white-glove customer service from implementation throughout the customer lifecycle. New business users can be onboarded in less than 30 minutes to ensure you achieve ROI as quickly as possible.


Greater flexibility & agility

Our fully extensible platform allows for seamless customization and flexibility, ensuring your DXP grows with your evolving business needs. Tap into our Marketplace and partner ecosystem to quickly deploy new omnichannel experiences to adapt to your changing business needs.

A different kind of solution - The Contentstack Composable Platform

Incredibly capable | Seamlessly integrated | Endlessly extensible


Front-end hosting 

Launch digital experiences globally in minutes with fully integrated front-end hosting using Contentstack Launch

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Full-stack automation

Simplify the complex and automate the routine with no code automation smarts powered by Contentstack Automate

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Apps and integrations     

Build the stack of your dreams using the apps and tools you love in minutes with Contentstack Marketplace

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Headless CMS

Transform content operations and turbocharge productivity with Contentstack Content Management System, the #1 headless CMS

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The Sitecore sales process was very very slow and overly complex. We felt Sitecore had many features that were not valuable and the cost-to-benefit ratio was much lower compared to Contentstack.

We’re confident that our decision to make the switch to Contentstack from Sitecore is the right move. Contentstack’s headless CMS will allow us to simplify content publishing, reduce development overhead, and optimize content merchandising, in addition to realizing increased ROI.

I have worked with content in other systems such as Adobe, Kentico, Sitecore, and more. It was pretty painful. To think that my team is managing all the content without needing technical skills whatsoever is astonishing.

There’s no doubt that we can manage our systems better.

Creating content is quicker and easier with Contentstack. It’s a user-friendly tool making training and onboarding simpler. The integration with our translation and media systems means content can be created and published much quicker than before.

I don't have to depend on the developers to do everything. I can go in and make the changes instead of them having to do all the work.

We don’t have to worry because we already have a solution that doesn't need to be retrofitted to work for new platforms.

We are thrilled that we chose Contentstack! It’s helped us increase publishing quality content to build our brand. Publishing happens in an instant without a developer’s help.

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Headless CMS

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