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“Contentstack has a strong vision for what ‘the new spine’ of a composed digital experience platform needs to contain...”

The Forrester WaveTM, Digital Experience Platforms, Q4 2023
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8 reasons to Choose Contentstack over Contentful

There's no comparison: Contentstack is the #1 Composable DXP powered by the #1 Headless CMS


More complete than a headless CMS alone

Contentful is a headless CMS-only product that requires multiple partners to complete. Contentstack is primed to address more customer needs with no-code full-stack automation via Automate and integrated front-end hosting via Launch.


Superior vision & innovation

Contentstack’s multi-product offering outperforms Contentful in innovation with a strong vision of what “the new spine” of a composed digital experience platform needs to contain and what it should not contain.


Greater publishing flexibility

Environments are something that Contentful does not offer for publication targets. Contentstack offers publication flexibility with multiple publishing targets.


Flexible content modeling

Contentful lags in content modeling and content findability, with users tagging content rather than the more prevalent approach of enabling users to filter and view across digital properties. With Modular Blocks, Contentstack’s content modeling approach is straightforward and helps to define the structure of content at a granular level.


Seamless multilingual management

Contentful’s localization approach is not seamless out of the box. Without a 3rd party app, users must publish all entries for all languages and locales simultaneously. Contentstack provides robust and efficient localization workflows that support asynchronous publishing at the field-level, right out of the box.


Multi-cloud capability

Contentstack is the first and only composable platform available globally on all 3 major cloud providers — AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. This allows our customers to choose which provider best suits their business needs and goals.


Unmatched support

Contentstack provides unmatched composable expertise and customer care through our Technical Solutions Organization and the industry’s only cross-vendor support program. Contentful offers customer development services through its partner agencies to develop missing features for customers.


Pricing transparency

There are often surprises along the way as a Contentful customer, especially during renewal. Contentstack outscored Contentful in the most recent Forrester CMS Wave with a 5/5 for pricing flexibility and transparency. As a Contentstack customer, there are no unforeseen cost jumps during rollout or renewal.

A different kind of solution - The Contentstack Composable Platform

Incredibly capable | Seamlessly integrated | Endlessly extensible


Front-end hosting 

Launch digital experiences globally in minutes with fully integrated front-end hosting using Contentstack Launch

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Full-stack automation

Simplify the complex and automate the routine with no code automation smarts powered by Contentstack Automate

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Apps and integrations     

Build the stack of your dreams using the apps and tools you love in minutes with Contentstack Marketplace

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Headless CMS

Transform content operations and turbocharge productivity with Contentstack Content Management System, the #1 headless CMS

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Contentstack has better international hosting support than Contentful and we found the presales and sales support people were MUCH more responsive than Contentful.

I’ve looked at more than half a dozen CMSes, and Contentstack came to the top for all the right reasons. The product is incredibly user-friendly. The support team was excellent. The integration with our system was seamless. The engineering team is delighted. Integrations for personalization, AB testing, and all the other bells and whistles are there in spades, so it’s a no brainer.

I don't have to depend on the developers to do everything. I can go in and make the changes instead of them having to do all the work.

We don’t have to worry because we already have a solution that doesn't need to be retrofitted to work for new platforms.

We are thrilled that we chose Contentstack! It’s helped us increase publishing quality content to build our brand. Publishing happens in an instant without a developer’s help.

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