Extensions let you extend Contentstack’s UI.

It enables developers to customize Contentstack experience, by customizing Contentstack's default UI and behavior. 

You can create three types of extensions within Contentstack: Custom Fields, Custom Widgets, and Dashboard Widget.

Custom Fields

The Custom Fields extension lets you create custom fields that you can use in your content types, such as a color picker, code editor, video selector, and more. So, apart from using the default fields such as ‘Single-line textbox’, ‘Rich text editor’, and ‘Number’, you can add your own custom fields to content types.

Read our detailed guide on Custom Fields.

Custom Widgets

The Custom Widgets extension lets you add widgets that help you analyze the content of an entry and recommend content ideas. Examples of custom widgets are SEO recommendations, sentiment analysis, and content translation in different languages.

Read our in-depth guide on Custom Widgets.

Dashboard Widgets

The Dashboard Widget extension lets you create widgets for the stack Dashboard. Examples of Dashboard Widgets include stack usage summary, stack's recent activities, webhook notifier, custom notes, and more.

Read our in-depth guide on Dashboard Widgets.

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