About Dashboard Extensions

Note: Experience Extensions use the legacy approach with extensions. We recommend using the Dashboard UI Location for the Contentstack App Framework to extend the functionality of your apps.

The Dashboard Extension is a type of extension that lets you create extensions for your stack dashboard. Using this, you can create several useful extensions, such as a extension that does the following:

  • Shows real-time data of stack usage
  • Lists all the entries published recently
  • Allows you to add your "To-Dos" or for the day or take notes.

By default, Contentstack provides two dashboard extensions:

  • Recently Modified Entries: Displays the list of entries that were recently modified by any user of the stack.
  • Recently Modified Assets: Displays the list of assets that were recently modified by any user of the stack.

Once you create a dashboard extension, you can see it on Stack’s Dashboard page. Contentstack allows you to customize your Dashboard view and arrange extensions as per requirements.

Additional Resource: If you wish to create a dashboard extension of Google Analytics to track pageviews or other analytics-related stuff, refer to our Google Analytics dashboard extension guide.

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