About Dashboard Extensions

The Dashboard Extension is a type of extension that lets you create extensions for your stack dashboard. Using this, you can create several useful extensions, such as a extension that does the following:

  • Shows real-time data of stack usage
  • Lists all the entries published recently
  • Allows you to add your "To-Dos" or for the day or take notes.

By default, Contentstack provides two dashboard extensions:

  • Recently Modified Entries: Displays the list of entries that were recently modified by any user of the stack.
  • Recently Modified Assets: Displays the list of assets that were recently modified by any user of the stack.

Once you create a dashboard extension, you can see it on Stack’s Dashboard page. Contentstack allows you to customize your Dashboard view and arrange extensions as per requirements.

Additional Resource: If you wish to create a dashboard extension of Google Analytics to track pageviews or other analytics-related stuff, refer to our Google Analytics dashboard extension guide.

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