Assign Role to a User | Classic

Note: Only the stack owner, admins, and users assigned developer roles, who has invited a specific user, can assign a particular role to that user.

To update a role assigned to an existing user, log in to your Contentstack account, and perform the following steps:

  1. Go to your stack, navigate to the “Settings” gear icon, and select Users. This opens the Users page where you can see a list of existing users in the stack.
  2. Click on the user to whom you want to assign a specific role.
  3. In the Update User window, select the role(s) from the Roles dropdown menu.
  4. Click on Update.

Note: The stack owner can assign roles to all users of the stack.

Now, the user, whose role is changed, will have updated rights over the stacks and to the content within.

Additional Resource: You can assign a role to users when you add them. Follow the steps mentioned in the Add a New User article.

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