Create a Content Type

Content type consists of a set of fields that define the structure of your web page or mobile property.

Additional Resource: Check out the Content Modeling section to understand how you can define the structure of a content type as per the requirement.

To create a content type, log in to your Contentstack account, and perform the following steps:

  1. Go to your stack where you want to create a content type, and click on the “Content Models” icon on the left navigation panel.
  2. Click on the + New Content Type button.
  3. In the Create New Content Type forms that appears, perform the following steps:
    1. Enter the Name for the content type. The Unique ID will be auto-generated.
    2. Add a Description for your stack. This is an optional step.
    3. Based on the number of entries you want to create, select either Single (for creating a single page) or Multiple (for creating multiple pages of same structure) under Type.
  4. Finally, click on Save and proceed.

In the “Content Type Builder” page, select the fields you want by clicking on the “Insert a field” (+ icon) that appears when you hover the cursor under the title field.

You can modify their behavior by setting their properties (cog icon), and click on either Save or Save and Close to save your content type.

Here is an example of a content type in the following screenshot:


You can even create a content type by two other methods:

  1. By importing the JSON schema of your content type via the Contentstack UI
  2. By means of the Create a content type API request.

Note: You can check out our documentation on how to generate the JSON schema for creating a content type to know how you can add/update fields in your content type.

After successful creation of the content type, you can start adding entry(ies) and publish them to an environment.

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