About Field Properties

Field properties define the nature and behavior of the field. These properties let you define the nature of a field by setting multiple attributes. This enables you to create a dynamic and flexible structure of your Content Type.

To access the field properties of a field, go to the "Content Type Schema" page, hover on the field you want, click on the cogwheel to access the "basic" or "advanced" properties.

Some of the field properties are "Display Name," "Unique ID," "Default Value," "Help Text," "Instruction Value," and many more.

For example:

  • If you want to set a maximum number of characters in any text field, you can make use of the Number of Characters property. 
  • To display a customized name of a field when content managers create an entry, you can set Display Name
  •  property.

You can browse through the following topics mentioned in the "More Articles" section to learn which properties you can apply to fields.

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