Executions in Automation Hub

Each time an automation is completed, regardless of the end result’s success or failure, it counts as an execution. To run an automation, the user must configure the trigger and action connector and enable automation. An automation can have multiple steps, but it still counts as one execution.

Additional Resource: In the Execution Log section, you will find details about each execution.

How are executions calculated?

The following event counts as an execution:

  1. Once the Automation is configured and invoked via an event.

The following events do not count as an execution:

  1. Testing of any individual trigger and action steps.
  2. Successful configuration of the trigger and action steps.
  3. If the trigger conditions are not met.

For example, consider automating a Slack message whenever a new entry is created in Contentstack. Each trigger of the automation will be counted as an execution.

The different statuses of an execution visible in the Execution Log are as follows:

  1. Success: On successful execution.
  2. Failed: When any steps in an automation are unsuccessful.
  3. Pending: When an execution is pending due to errors or server-based issues.
  4. Running: When an execution is in progress.
  5. Paused: When an execution is paused and resumed at a later stage.
  6. Partially Executed: When an execution is partially completed as it has reached the maximum limit of sending emails.
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