Automate Usage Limits

Automate is a plan-based feature that allows customers to access and work with automations based on their organization’s current plan.

Types of Limits for an Organization

There are two limits based on the plan for an organization.

  • Soft Limit:

    The soft limit marks the threshold at which the organization’s number of executions for the month exceeds the purchased plan for that organization. At this point, the organization will begin paying for executions at the negotiated rate per 100 executions, and all users will get a warning message on both the Automate Landing page and Automate Projects page. The site organization owners will also get an email notification.

    Consider a scenario where an organization possesses a monthly execution limit of 10,000. Upon reaching or surpassing this limit, the user will receive a warning message informing them of the current status.

  • Hard Limit:

    The hard limit defines the maximum limit for the number of executions that can run each month. This cap helps protect both Contentstack and our customers against misuse or misconfigurations. If exceeded, users will receive a notification on their Automate Landing page and Automate Projects page, and site owners will also get an email notification.

    While you can continue to edit and configure your automations after the hard limit has been met, the executions will no longer run. Reaching the hard limit temporarily suspends automation executions. To resume using the Automate, you will need to upgrade your usage plan, or wait until the beginning of the next month when your plan limits are refreshed.

Additional Resource: For more information, refer to the Limitations of Automate document.

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