Limitations of Automation Hub

  • Automation Hub is a plan-based feature, and the number of executions allowed depends upon the Automation Hub pricing plan that is activated for a particular organization.
  • Organizations that have upgraded to a paid plan will have a soft cap for executions (when reaching this threshold they will be notified by email), and a hard cap that is 5x the number of the soft cap. After the organization hits the hard cap, automations will be temporarily disabled for that month.
  • By default, each organization will be enrolled in the Explorer Plan, which is included at no cost and allows up to 200 executions per month (200 soft cap and 200 hard cap).
  • The maximum number of projects allowed per organization is 50.
  • The maximum number of automations allowed per project is 50.
  • The maximum number of steps allowed per automation is 15.
  • Currently, organization members can only view and edit their own projects.
  • There is no support for nesting within Conditional Path and Repeat Path steps.
  • The Pause and Response action connectors cannot be used within Conditional Path and Repeat Path steps.
  • The maximum number of loops per Repeat Path is 100.
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