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Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service) is a managed publish/subscribe service offered as part of Amazon Web Services. It facilitates the communication between systems that do not have direct connectivity. The one end of the channel publishes messages to a shared location, commonly known as a "topic" in SNS, whereas the other end subscribes to the messages from this location. If your business infrastructure is hosted on AWS, SNS can be used to send notifications between applications hosted on AWS cloud when a particular event occurs. It simplifies the message and notification handling process while reducing the overall overhead associated with managing them onsite.

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Amazon SNS

The flexible and robust architecture of Contentstack allows you to integrate with any third-party application. And with Amazon SNS, Contentstack integrates seamlessly. The combined abilities of Contentstack and Amazon SNS let you create a system that is capable of triggering notifications automatically. If you have a Contentstack-powered website, adding Amazon SNS to it is easy and can simplify and automate the process of sending notifications when a specified event occurs.

Use Cases

Simplify event tracking and notifications

The integration of Contentstack with Amazon SMS simplifies the process of tracking and managing events that happen in your CMS. You can customize your notifications through SNS when content is updated in Contentstack.

Scale up your application infrastructure

By integrating Amazon SNS with Contentstack, you can scale up and connect multiple digital properties with Contentstack. Events occurring in Contentstack, such as updating or publishing entries, can be managed and notified across multiple applications.

A reliable solution for all your notification and messaging needs

The integration of Contentstack with Amazon SNS enables you to create a highly reliable system that manages event tracking and notifications. You can manage content in Contentstack and let Amazon SNS take care of notifying applications. You don't have to worry about losing your messages in the transaction as messages are stored redundantly across multiple servers and data centers.