Copy a Global Field

Contentstack allows you to create a copy of an existing Global field if you need to reuse the same set of fields with minimum modifications.

To make a copy of a Global field, login to your Contentstack account, go to your stack, and perform the following steps:

  1. Click the “Content Models” icon on the left navigation panel and select Global Fields at the bottom.
  2. Hover over the Global field that you want to copy and click on the “Copy” icon that appears at the extreme right end.copy_a_global_field_1_highlighted.png
    A new window named Copy Global Field {your_global_field_name} will appear. 
  3. Provide a suitable name and description, and click on Copy.copy_a_global_field_2_no_highlight.png

API Reference

Here are some API calls related to Global Fields that will help you:

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