About Global Field

A Global field is a reusable field (or group of fields) that you can define once and reuse in any content type within your stack.

For example, if you create a Global field called “SEO” (with fields - “Meta Title” and “Meta Description”). Subsequently, when you use the “SEO” Global field within any content type, the subfields would appear automatically.

Global fields can be managed from one central location, i.e., if you update an existing Global field, the changes will reflect in all the content types in which the Global field is used.

For example, if you add a “Meta Keywords” subfield in the SEO Global field, this additional subfield would appear in all the content types in which the “SEO” Global field has been used.

Note: A Global field, once created, can be used in one or more content types of a stack. Global fields are stack-specific, i.e., it cannot be used in or shared across multiple stacks.

To use this field, you need to first create it and then add it as a field in a content type.

Tutorial Video

Let's see how to create and use a Global field in a content type.

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