About Languages

Contentstack has a sophisticated multilingual capability. Using this, you can create and publish entries in any language. Thus, this feature allows you to set up multilingual websites and cater to a wide variety of audiences by serving content in their local language(s). And all of this can be done without the need to code.

Note: When working within specific branches, languages added or created will be available only in that particular branch. Refer to our Branch-specific Modules document for more information.

Contentstack supports more than 200 languages to manage your content. Thus, you can create different content to meet the needs of different people in different places at different times.

For example, you have a website supporting English and French language. In this case, you can add languages to your stack and create entries for these languages. Once you publish the content for French locale, that content will only be visible for French section of your website. 

If you want to work with languages that do not follow the standard code formats, Contentstack allows you to add custom languages of your choice to the stack. Once generated, you will be able to create and publish entries in the custom languages too.

Contentstack supports localization where you can create multiple localized versions of a single entry in any of the supported languages as per your requirement.

You can browse through the following topics, mentioned in the “More Articles” section, to learn more about languages.

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