Create a Delivery Token | Classic

Note: Only the stack owner, admin, and users assigned developer roles can create delivery tokens.

To create a delivery token, log in to your Contentstack account, and perform the following steps:

  1. Go to your stack, navigate to the “Settings” gear icon, and select Tokens. This opens the Tokens page where you will see two tabs: Delivery Tokens and Management Tokens.
  2. Open the Delivery Tokens tab (if it is not open), and click on the + ADD TOKEN button.
  3. Provide a suitable Name (mandatory) and Description (optional) for the delivery token.
  4. In the Scope section, select the publishing environment for which you want to generate a delivery token.Generate Token.png
  5. Finally, click on the Generate Token button. You will see a new token in the Delivery Token field.

    Now, you can use the generated token to fetch the content of only the selected environment. It cannot be used to fetch the content of any other environment.

Tutorial Video

Let's see how to create a delivery token.

API Reference

To create a delivery token for an environment via API, refer to the Create delivery token API request.

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