About Aliases

Contentstack allows you to assign aliases to any branch of your stack. An alias acts as a pointer to a specific branch.

Aliases offer another way to refer to a specific branch within your frontend application code. Define a target branch for your alias and avoid the hassle of making heavy changes to your code. You can point the alias to a different target branch, whenever required, so that the application renders content to your website from the specified branch.

For example, your stack may have a "production" alias that points to the "main" branch. The default behavior when merging will automatically generate a backup of the branch you are merging into as a safety measure. In case there's an issue, simply point the "production" alias to the new "backup" branch.

You can manage your stack's aliases under the Aliases section:


Additional Resource: For more information about using branches and aliases in your stack, read our Branches Real-world Scenarios document.

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