SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris)

SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris) is one of the most efficient and flexible e-commerce project development platform. Specifically designed for B2B businesses and retailers, it offers unparalleled opportunities for digital transformation to these segments.

The new offerings of SAP Commerce Cloud enable marketers to create online offers on-the-fly for specific customers. Moreover, the customer service interface empowers the teams to have better access and control to the information such as customer accounts and order history.

So in a nutshell, SAP Commerce Cloud provides flexibility and adaptability to various business demands. It reduces dependency between different application modules and betters the capability to meet increasing customer demands.

Contentstack through its powerful extensions enables SAP Commerce Cloud to integrate with Contentstack seamlessly. Therefore, you can add it as a field extension into your Contentstack and leverage the functionality of this popular e-commerce solution.

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