Limitations of Field Visibility Rules

  • You can add a maximum of 10 rules per content type.
  • You can add a maximum of 5 conditions per rule.
  • You can add a maximum of 5 target fields per rule.
  • The field selected as the target field and the field selected as the operand field cannot be the same within a rule. 
  • The action defined for the parent field takes precedence over the action defined for the child field, in case of contradictions. For example, if your rule says to hide the Group field and show a sub-field of that Group field when a condition is met, it will not show the sub-field.
  • If you delete a field or edit the properties of a field that has been used as an operand field or a target field, the rule would not be applicable. You must then delete the rule. 
  • Limitations on operand field:
    • The operand field cannot be any of the following fields: Rich-Text Editor, Markdown, Link, File, Group, Modular Blocks, any sub-field of a Modular Block. 
    • The operand field cannot be any field marked as Multiple.
    • The operand field can be a sub-field of a Group field, but that Group field should not be marked as Multiple
    • The operand field cannot be a field that is of JSON data type. 
    • The operand field cannot be a Select field where the Selection Type is set to Multiple Choices. 
  • Limitations on target field:
    • Target field cannot be any field marked as Mandatory. This is because when a target field is hidden, the entry is saved with an empty value for that field. 
    • Target field cannot be a sub-field of a Modular Block field or of a Group field marked as Multiple. 
    • You cannot set a field as target field more than once in a content type. 
    • The target field cannot be the same as the operand field of any rule. 
    • Any field that has validation applied cannot be used as the target field. The validations as follows:
      • A date range (a specific start and end date) 
      • A max instance (any multiple field)
      • A limit for Multiple Choices (the Select field)
      • Marked as Mandatory 
      • Character length, for example, the blog name with character length between 10 and 20
      • A range of number, for example, 10 to 15
      • Validation through Regular Expression
      • Dimensions (image dimensions, etc) and extensions (.jpeg, .png, etc) applied

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