About JSON Rich Text Editor

The JSON Rich Text Editor (RTE) field is a block-style rich text editor that enables users to add different types of content. It stores content in structured JSON blocks that can contain text, images, videos, etc.

Note: The JSON Rich Text Editor field is available only in the new Contentstack interface.

When you add a JSON RTE field in a content type, it displays a text area with editing and formatting options on the entry page. This field allows you to edit and format content entered in the field without using HTML tags.

Note: The JSON RTE field does not provide an HTML code view option, freeing content managers from the hassles of handling HTML source code.

With JSON RTE, you can efficiently structure your content using the formatting options such as bold, italics, subscript, superscript, headings, paragraphs, ordered or unordered lists, tables, links, and images.


Tutorial Video

Let's learn how to work with the JSON Rich Text Editor.

To understand JSON Rich Text Editor in more detail, make sure you go through our extensive documentation provided in our “More articles” section.

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