Localize an Entry

Since Contentstack offers multi-language support, it allows you to create entries in languages different than the master language, that is., English (United States).

By default, an entry is saved in the master language—English (United States). Localizing an entry means making it available in another language. With Contentstack, you do not have to create a separate entry for each locale. You can localize an existing entry easily. The steps involved in localizing are explained below:

  1. Edit Entry

    Edit the entry that you wish to localize.

  2. Select Language

    Choose the language of your choice by using the language selector located on the top-right corner of the page.

  3. Add Content

    Replace the existing content with the content in the desired language. As soon as you click Save, it creates a new localized copy of the same entry. This new copy then ceases to fetch data from the main entry in master language. So, any changes made to the entry in master language hereon will not have any impact on the localized copy.

  4. Edit a Localized Entry

    Localizing an entry does not create a separate item in the main list of entries. Under any given content type, you will only see the list of entries in the master language, that is, English (United States). Edit the required entry, and then select the language of your choice. You will then be able to view/edit the localized entry.

  5. Manage Versions

    Once an entry has been saved in a different language, it becomes independent of the master language. Therefore, each language entry has a separate versioning system.

    Note: The Content Manager can view or create content in multiple languages only if the languages are added to the stack by the Admin/Developer.

Tutorial Video

In earlier examples, we saw how to create an entry in the master locale, i.e., English (United States). Let us now localize this entry, i.e., make this entry available in French (France).

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