Publish Entries and Assets in Bulk

You can send multiple entries and assets found in the results of both Basic as well as Advanced searches for publishing at once.

To publish entries and assets found in your search results in bulk, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the search bar (or press “K”) located on the header tab of the Contentstack site and use Basic or Advanced Search based on your requirement.
  2. From the result set obtained, select the entries that you want to publish. Then, click on the Publish link that appears on the top, as shown in the image below: 
    When you click on Publish, the following screen appears: 

  3. On the Publish Entries screen:
    1. Select Environment(s) to which you want to publish the selected entries.
    2. Select Language(s) for which you want to publish the selected entries.
    3. Click on Send With References to publish the entries.

    Note: When you publish multiple entries, only the latest version of the entries will be published. Read more about working with different entry versions.

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