App Submission and Approval Guide

You can submit your app to the Contentstack Marketplace team. Apps are reviewed by a dedicated team before publishing on the Contentstack Marketplace.

This is an end to end guide which defines the steps to follow for submission and approval of Contentstack Marketplace public apps.

Note: This guide may be updated as and when new features are added to the Marketplace that may impact the review process. Reach out to our support team if you have any concerns or feedback.

The following checklist will help you prepare your app for submission and approval.

  1. Terms of Service

    • To begin creating apps on Contentstack Marketplace, you need to agree to our terms of service. Click the link below to view the document. Contentstack Marketplace Terms of Service for Developers.
    • The app development team can review the document and agree to the Terms of Service. Once approved, you become an official Contentstack Marketplace app developer.
    • As a first step of the app listing process, it is mandatory for Partners to review, agree to the Terms of Service and submit the document to Contentstack.
  2. App Development

    • The Contentstack Marketplace team will provide you detailed documentation on app creation and other guidelines.
    • A knowledge transfer session can also be scheduled with our team, based on your request.
    • Make sure to conduct a thorough testing of your app before you submit it for review.
  3. Metadata and On-boarding

    Metadata Content

    • As a pre-requisites for submitting Apps for the public Marketplace, the Partner is required to provide the Metadata content (descriptions) of your app.
    • Fill the Metadata content form with the appropriate details by following our guidelines.


    • After completing your app development, you can submit it to the Customer Service or Marketplace team for review. We strongly recommend you to submit a clone of your app for review, this will help you to revert to the original app in case of any difficulties.
    • Submit the Metadata content form along with your app for review.
  4. App Documentation

    • The marketing content for the app will be created by the combined efforts of the Marketplace team and the Partner.
    • It consists of the following documents:
      Detailed blog post on the ‘App's use cases’ and its usage will be published by Contentstack.

        Note: The above blog submission is not mandatory.

        Partner’s guide for app usage hosted on partner’s website.
  5. App Review

    • Metadata and marketing content of the app will be reviewed and verified simultaneously.
    • In case the app details or the content are not approved then the Marketplace team will send a feedback to the Partner.

      Additional Resource: Read our detailed guide on App Development Best Practices to ensure you build the app according to our guidelines.

  6. App Testing and Security Checks

    • After the app is reviewed and approved, the Marketplace team will need access to your organization and stack in order to perform the functional testing.
    • After passing the functional test phase, the app will undergo a security test.
  7. Publish the App

    • The Marketplace team will create an entry with the app's information in the Marketplace stack after the app has passed security tests and marketing content has been reviewed.
    • The app is then published to the public Marketplace and the marketing content (Blog/ Email) is released.

Metadata Content Descriptions

You will need to provide a description for each field below. This information will be displayed on your Marketplace app page.

Note: All fields are mandatory.

Here is a detailed description of each field to help you complete your app details.

  • App Name: Choose a suitable name for your Marketplace app.
  • App Type: Mention if your app is an Organization App or a Stack App.
  • App Icon: Add a high quality and resolution app icon that will be clearly visible to the users.
  • Short Description: Write a short eye catching description of about 120 characters to sum up the value of your app.
  • Long Description: Describe your app in detail to help users understand it. An overview of the app, its use, and how it can help users may be included.
  • Who can Install?: Mention the users who can access your app (For example: Organization Owners, Stack Admins/ Developers etc.).
  • Permissions: The permission users need to install the app. (For example: A user permission to Create, Update, View, Delete other user(s)).
  • Screenshots: We recommend you to add high resolution screenshots highlighting key features of your app to help users understand it better.
  • Use cases: Add at least 2-3 detailed business use cases of your app.
  • App Category: Mention the category of your app. (For Example: Commerce, Search Engine etc.)
  • Source code link: Add URL to the source code of the app.
  • Documentation link: Provide the URL of your app’s documentation page.
  • Privacy Policy: Provide the URL of your app’s privacy policy or a EULA document. It is essential to build a privacy policy statement, since you will be accessing the data of your app users.
  • App point of contact: Provide the contact details (email address) of the person to reach out from your company.
  • Company: Name of the company.
  • Video: We strongly recommend you to provide a descriptive video of the installation process and app usage.

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