Organization Roles

In order to work on a stack, a user must be part of the Organization that contains the stack. Note that a user cannot be directly invited to a stack without also being invited to an Organization. Learn how to invite a user to an Organization.

In Organizations, three predefined roles are available that can be assigned to a user: Owner, Admin, and Member. Custom roles cannot be created in an Organization, however, customer roles are still available and can be created for stacks. Let’s understand the three predefined roles in detail.

Organization Owner

The Owner is the user who owns the Organization (and the subscription plan) in Contentstack. The Owner has maximum privileges, which includes the ability to:

  • Invite users to Organizations and stacks
  • Assign roles to users
  • Set up SSO for an organization
  • Transfer ownership of an Organization to another user
  • Access stacks created by themselves
  • Access to other users’ stacks, if adequate permissions are assigned by the owner of the stack
  • Delete stacks of the Organization

Organization Admin

A user with the Admin role is next in the hierarchy. This role has all the rights that the Owner enjoys, except access to billing details and the right to transfer ownership. The permissions for this role include:

  • Inviting other users to organization and stacks
  • Assign Admin or member role to other users
  • Access stacks created by self
  • Access to others’ stacks, as per the permissions defined by the owner of the stack

Note: Only the owner and admins have the rights to create stacks in an organization.

Organization Member

Next in the hierarchy is the Member role. The rights of the role can be modified by the Owner or the Admin user. The user with the Member role does not have access to the Organization settings panel. Therefore, details such as Organization info, usage metrics, and so on are not visible to this user. The rights of this role include:

  • Specific rights to stacks as assigned by the Owner or Admin

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