About Organizations

Organizations are the top-most entity in the hierarchy of entities in Contentstack. Users, stacks—and consequently, the resources within the stacks—are part of an Organization. As a result, an Organization lets you manage users and stacks from one administrative panel.

The Organization feature is primarily for administrators (Owner and Admins), allowing them to manage roles and permissions for the users and stacks of the account.

Organizations serve two main purposes:

  • Simplify the process of managing stacks and permissions for a group of users or a company
  • View consolidated subscription plan and usage information

If you have required rights, you can access the Organization Settings to learn about Organization, users associated with it, and more. For this, you can refer to the articles, mentioned in the “More Articles” section, provided below.

To know more about Organizations, please go through our guides mentioned in the “More articles” section.

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