Create a Project using File Upload

Launch allows you to create a project by directly uploading a project folder or a .zip file.

This document guides you through the process of creating a project in Launch by uploading a project zip file. The zip file can be a build zip or a source code zip.


Upload a file and deploy a project

Note: Only the Organization Admin/Owner has the right to create projects in a stack for Launch.

  1. Click the Launch option from the left navigation panel, as shown below. 
  2. Launch_-_Navigation.png

  3. Click New Project
  4. Launch_Project_List_Page2

  5. From the Create New Project modal, click Upload a file
  6. Launch-FileUpload-CreateProjectModal.png

  7. You can either drag and drop a .zip file or click the browse to upload link to upload a .zip file. 
  8. Launch-FileUpload-BrowseToUpload.png

  9. Click Next to proceed with the deployment steps.
  10. Note: - You can re-upload a .zip file after uploading one.
    - You can also Cancel an ongoing file upload and re-upload a new file. 


  11. In the Deploy step, fill the following fields:
    1. Project Name (Mandatory): The project name is auto-populated with the uploaded file name.
      • To use a different project name, enter a project name without exceeding 200 characters.
    2. Environment Name (Mandatory): By default, the environment name is populated as Default. You can change the environment name as per your requirement.
    3. Build and Output Settings (Mandatory): The fields in this section get populated based on the detected framework.
      • Framework Preset(Mandatory): Framework of the selected project.
      • Build Command (Mandatory): Command to build the project.
      • Output Directory (Mandatory): Directory path where the project’s build output files get stored.
    4. Environment Variables (Optional)
      • Enter the key and value of your environment variable.
      • Click the + Add Environment Variable button to add more environment variables. 
    5. Once all the fields are filled with appropriate values, click the Deploy button. 

You have successfully deployed a project!


The project card displays as given below in the Projects screen:


To delete the project:

  1. Click the Settings icon.
  2. In the General section, click the Delete Project button under Delete Project.
  3. Launch_Create_File_Venus2_General_Settings_DeleteProject.png

  4. In the modal that appears, enter DELETE and then click the Yes, Delete button.

    This deletes your project successfully.

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