Benefits of JSON RTE for Developers

  • The JSON Rich Text Editor offers users the flexibility to parse the data the way they want.
  • Data in JSON format can be used any way you want, on any frontend of your choice; HTML for web browsers, render natively for mobile apps, audio versions for voice assistants, and so on.
  • JSON RTE is more suitable for evolving projects requiring moving to a new presentation layer or redesigning the app.
  • JSON-formatted content is maintained as plain text files. These plain text formats can be read and understood by any frontend framework to which your CMS renders rich text content. E.g., both mobile and web-based clients can recognize JSON-formatted content with ease.
  • JSON RTE offers extensions that can harvest JSON data to efficiently modify the RTE content as per your needs.
  • With an interoperable JSON data format, developers are not confined to a specific method of data presentation.
  • Developers can seamlessly add advanced features such as embedded content, experience extensions, etc., to the rich text editor and create interactive content.
  • It maintains rich text within several individual JSON blocks. This separation of content structure within the editor makes it easier for developers to pick and choose what should be displayed on the front end.
  • The output data for JSON RTE is in JSON format by default but, when configured, can also provide output in HTML.
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